Offbeat is a subsidiary youth initiative of LDE. Offbeat works with young adults within the community, using the performing arts as a medium for the young people to express themselves and grow.

Some of the facilities that Offbeat provides for young people are:

The Offbeat Recording Studio-available everyday:
Set up for the young people to write, record, mix, edit, master and publish their songs. Participants are also able to learn basic sound engineering.

The Offbeat Dance Studio - available everyday:
With a sprung floor and mirrors, the dance project allows participants to enhance their dancing skills through beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in various forms of dancing; mainly street dancing at the moment.

Video Editing Suite - available everyday:
An on-site facility to allow participants to be able to layer, shape, cut and synchronise sound and video material to high quality standards ready for the market place.

For more information on booking the dance studio or music recording studio please see the Space Hire section.